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we are WILD EAST brewing company.

We coalesce classic European brewing techniques with modern American craft beer innovations to produce farmhouse-style & mixed fermentation ales, unfiltered hazy IPAs & pilsners, barrel-aged sours and a variety of other classic & progressive beer styles.

Our mission is to push boundaries and open new doors for both craft beer enthusiasts and non-beer drinkers. We do this by producing a diverse range of offerings with balanced and complex, yet approachable flavors and the utmost dedication to quality control.

Our taproom is now 100% open for *indoor or outside seating and beer to go. All seating is currently first come, first serve. *Indoor seating requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination, in accordance with NYC guidelines.

You can also find our beer at various bars, restaurants & retail stores in NYC, Long Island, Westchester & across New Jersey state.


TAproom Location

623 Sackett St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

HOURS (Taproom & to go)

Monday: 3-9pm

Tues-Wed: 3-10pm

Thurs: 3-11pm

Friday: 12pm-midnight

Saturday: 12pm-midnight

Sunday: 12-9pm

Indoor & heated outdoor seating available.

Dogs and outside food are always welcome. Union Street Pizza slices & pies available to order from your table.

Pre-order beer for pickup & delivery here or visit the taproom.



These offerings are now available at our taproom + select bars, restaurants & retail locations throughout NYC, Westchester, Long Island & northern New Jersey. You can also order our beer online for pick up, delivery & shipping here.

We also serve Brooklyn Cider House ciders at our taproom.

Pacified Society - Bi-Coastal IPA - 6.5% abv

New England / West Coast IPA hybrid brewed & dry-hopped with Citra, Simcoe & Columbus. Pours hazy with juicy flavors of stone fruits, citrus, melon & pine, balanced with a gently bitter finish. 

Apis Ethereal - Rye Saison with Honey - 6.4% abv

Mixed-fermentation saison brewed with NY-state ingredients and locally-sourced apple blossom honey. Light body & spritzy with rustic notes of hay, complex phenols, earthy brett and subtle tartness. Honey-like sweetness up front with an off-dry finish.

Alfresco Cucumber - Kolsch - 5% abv

Our Alfresco NY Kolsch-style ale conditioned on fresh, locally-sourced NY cucumbers. Just the right amount of balanced cucumber flavor & aroma to create a highly-drinkable, totally unique beer.

Pêche Dulcet - Barrel-aged Blended Ale with Peaches - 6.4% abv

A 75/25 blend* of barrel-aged mixed fermentation sour ales, conditioned on fresh locally-grown New Jersey peaches for 4 months. Light body and complex with high acidity. Tangy flavor with notes of peaches and stone fruit; light funk on aroma. Drinks dry and easy with a clean, tart finish.

*75% barrel-aged brett blonde blended with 25% barrel-aged mixed-fermentation saison. 

Zesté Dulcet - Dry-hopped Barrel-aged Blended Ale with Citrus - 5.8% abv

A 50/50 blend* of barrel-aged mixed fermentation ales, dry-hopped with the 2020 Pink Boots blend and conditioned on grapefruit & oranges. Medium-light body and tart with moderate acidity. Zippy, complex flavor and lightly funky aroma with bright notes of golden berries and citrus zest; finishes clean with hints of orange peel and an off-dry finish.

*50% barrel-aged witbier blended with 50% barrel-aged brett blonde.

Supersaturate - DDH IPA - 6% abv

A soft, hazy, double dry-hopped IPA brewed with flaked oats & wheat and copious amounts of Citra® & Cashmere. Immense flavor and aroma, super juicy, dry finish.

Tasting notes: Overripe stone fruits, honeydew, tangerine peel, lychee

Turnstyle Venezia - Berliner Weisse w/peach & pinot grigio juice - 4% abv

Bellini-inspired mixed-fermentation sour ale with peach & pinot grigio juice. Spritzy & tart with notes of ripe stone fruit, white wine, pear, lemon and hints of macadamia nut & white chocolate. Off-dry finish for easy drinkability.

Turnstyle Subtropic - Dry-hopped Berliner Weisse w/passion fruit - 4% abv

Mixed fermentation sour ale with passion fruit and dry-hopped with Mosaic. Refreshingly tart with zippy citrus & tropical flavors. Aroma of lime zest, ripe stone fruit, melon and cotton candy. Bright on the palate, dry on the finish. 

Acceptance - Altbier - 5% abv

Our 2021 Pride release. German-style amber ale brewed with Tettnang hops. Crisp & complex malt with notes of almond, light caramel, sourdough toast & faint cherry-like esters. Moderately-low hop bitterness with a smooth, nutty finish.

Canal Beer - Light Lager - 3.8% abv

Collaborative initiative with Threes, Finback Brooklyn & Strong Rope Brewery. American light lager brewed with NY-state pilsner malt, flaked corn & Tettnang hops. Balanced & highly drinkable with notes of cracker, lemon and herbal hops. Low bitterness with a crisp finish.

10% of draft proceeds go to Gowanus Canal Conservancy.

Tour de Table - Dry-hopped Table Beer - 4.5% abv

Collaboration with Beer Noggin. A refreshing session ale, dry-hopped with Motueka. Aroma bursting with bubble gum, light body with wheat & rye; bold tropical flavors of guava, green papaya & lemon-lime.

Turnstyle Blanco - Berliner Weisse w/mixed fruit & grape must - 4.5% abv

White Sangria-inspired sour ale with orange, peach and Chardonnay grape must. Lightly tart with notes of white wine, granny smith, pineapple, citrus & stone fruits. Semi-sweet & tannic with a clean finish.

Turnstyle Tinto - Berliner Weisse w/mixed fruit & grape must - 4.5% abv

Red Sangria-inspired sour ale with apple, orange and Sangiovese grape must. Tart & tangy with notes of red wine, sour cherries, citrus and red delicious. Juicy & tannic with a semi-dry finish.

Contour Interval No.2 - Wheat Saison - 6.1% abv

Solera foeder-aged mixed fermentation saison brewed with NY state malt & hops. Complex & tart with tangy, bright acidity. Rustic with soft oaky notes, light earthy funk and hints of vanilla & citrus. *Bottle conditioned & packaged in January 2021, suitable for cellaring long term or enjoying now. 

Hypersaturate - DDH DIPA - 8% abv

A soft, hazy, double dry-hopped DIPA brewed with flaked oats and heavy whirlpool + dry hop additions of Mosaic® and Southern Cross hops. Get hype!

Tasting notes: Peach gummy rings, papaya, fresh tarragon, melon

L’ultima Moda - Italian Pilsner - 4.8% abv

Light European-style pilsner, dry-hopped with Saphir hops. Crisp and super easy-drinking with bold notes of crackery pilsner malt and earthy, peppery hops; refreshingly clean with a dry finish.

Influent - Barrel-aged Grisette - 5% abv

A petite saison aged in white wine barrels for 6 months with our mixed house culture. Complex aroma & flavors of light funk, ripe pear, clementine, shortbread and french oak. Light body with mild tartness and a pillow-soft finish.  

Prescience Pearl - Farmhouse Blonde w/Black Tea, Tapioca & Taro Root - 5.4% abv

Bubble tea-inspired farmhouse-style ale, 100% fermented with Brettanomyces. Notes of black tea, nutty taro, minerality and wine-like, fruit-forward brett complexity. Light body, silky mouthfeel; finishes soft with a hint of residual sweetness. 

Attitude Dancing - West Coast-style IPA - 7% abv

A classic San Diego-style IPA brewed and dry-hopped with Simcoe, Centennial & Columbus. Notes of dankness, citrus, fresh pine and dried grass. Bright aroma, forward-juicy and pleasantly bitter with a moderately dry finish. 

Tasting notes: Citrus peel, candied fruit, marzipan, Torrey Pines

Fervor & Defiance - Czech Dark Lager - 4.9% abv

Easy-drinking dark lager made with all Bohemian ingredients, brewed using traditional European methods. Smooth malt flavors of bittersweet chocolate, bread crusts and roasted chestnuts balanced with spicy Saaz hops; clean & crisp finish.

Tasting notes: Snyder’s pretzels, Tootsie Roll, fresh-baked whole wheat loaf

Standard Deviation - Nitro Stout - 6% abv

A creamy stout brewed with a heavy dose of flaked oats, fermented with an English ale yeast. Bold & complex malty flavors of light roast coffee, toasted hazelnuts and semi-sweet chocolate with an earthy, nutty aroma and semi-dry finish.

Tasting notes: Mauna Loa, s’mores, Toll House morsels 

Reverence - Belgian-style Quadrupel - 10% abv

Belgian strong ale with profound complexity and smooth malty richness. Notes of burnt sugar, dark fruits, prunes, toffee and cedar. Forward-sweetness balanced with woody hops and spicy phenols.

Tasting notes: Tawny port, maduros, dried cherry

Noncompliance - Imperial Stout - 9.6% abv 

A full-bodied imperial stout with decadent chocolate notes, spicy hops accents and dark cherry aroma. Rich maltiness is balanced with firm hop bitterness; bold flavors gradually mellow as the glass warms up. Contains no pastries or lactose.

Tasting notes: German chocolate, coffee cake crumble, hints of horchata, semi-sweet chocolate chips

Moral Dilemma (Maple Bourbon Barrel-aged) - Imperial Stout - 8.5% abv

Imperial stout aged in Taconic Distillery® maple bourbon barrels. Notes of smooth & nutty bourbon, decadent chocolate, American oak, pecans and spicy hops with tinges of amber maple syrup. Rich maltiness is balanced with firm hop bitterness and warm highlights of barrel-aged spirits. 

Cosmic Arena - Barrel-aged Saison - 5.9% abv

Mixed fermentation saison aged in red & white wine barrels for 9 months. Light funky aroma with unsubtle hints of dried apple rings and hay bales. Mildly tart with complex rustic notes of unripe pear, white pepper, sauvignon blanc and oak. Bright acidity up front, soft tannins, dry finish. 

Tasting notes: White grape, pear slices, minerality

Consonance - Foudre-fermented Table Beer - 4% abv

A light & complex mixed-fermentation table beer suited for casual day-drinking; pairs well with virtually anything. Slightly tart & Champagne-esque with subtle hints of vanilla, nutmeg & pome fruits. 

Tasting notes: Unripe pear, vanilla bean, allspice    

Rouge Reserve - Berliner Weisse w/Fresh Raspberries - 4% abv

Our Turnstyle Berliner weisse conditioned on fresh, locally-sourced raspberries. Sour, juicy & bright Raspberry complexity with tangy acidity and a dry finish.

Black is Beautiful - Belgian Stout - 7% abv

Our version of the global collaborative initiative to raise awareness for the injustices against people of color. An American stout recipe brewed with NY-state malt & hops and fermented with our saison blend. Bold & rich malty flavors akin to chocolate and bread crusts with highlights of stone fruit, caramel and light roast coffee. 100% of proceeds go to NYCLU & Meharry Medical College.

Tasting notes: Caramel latte, SuperPretzel, dried peaches 

Alfresco - Kolsch - 5% abv

Kolsch-style ale made with all NY-state ingredients, brewed using traditional European methods. Lightly fruity aromatics, crackery pilsner malt, grassy, sort-of-spicy hops with a crisp and clean finish.

Tasting notes: Lemon zest, McVitties biscuits, honeysuckle

Fluent - Grisette - 4.5% abv

An easy-drinking petite saison brewed with NY-state malt & hops and fermented with a classic saison yeast blend. Bright aroma with hints of peat smoke, earthiness and pithy tangerine peel. Complex flavors of ripe pineapple, vanilla, bubble gum and zesty citrus.

Tasting Notes: Bosc pear, Nilla wafers, Dubble Bubble, fresh-squeezed lemonade  

Patience & Fortitude - Czech-style Pilsner - 5.1% abv

A crisp bohemian pilsner brewed using traditional European methods. Rustic, crackery malt and light grainy sweetness is countered with herbal, gently-spicy Saaz hops. Clean, rounded & refreshing. 

Tasting notes: Animal crackers, lemon loaf, overripe apple, green tea

No Pretense - American Pale Ale - 5.2% abv

Soft, hazy pale ale brewed with NY-state malt and Mosaic hops; dry-hopped with Citra & Cashmere. Aroma bursting with tangerine peel and tropical fruit. Juicy flavors reminiscent of a pineapple, ripe oranges, kiwi & honeydew. 

Tasting notes: Dole pineapple juice, orange Starburst, Canary melon 

Temperance - Dark Mild - 3.1% abv

Balanced, toasty English ale perfect for pairing with breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Full of smooth malty flavor, less filling, all day drinking-appropriate. 

Tasting notes: Raisin toast, cocoa beans, pretzel chips

Funhaus - Pilsner - 4.7% abv

Clean, crushable German-style pils, brewed using traditional European methods. Subtly sweet, crackery pilsner malt is balanced with peppery, herby hops; crisp & dry finish.

Tasting notes: Lemon verbena, honeysuckle, graham crackers

Prescience - Farmhouse Blonde - 5.4% abv

Farmhouse-style ale 100% fermented with our proprietary house blend of Brettanomyces. Vibrant & approachable fermentation-derived complexity, light malt background, low hop bitterness.

Tasting notes: Apricot, Asian pear, hints of Chardonnay, pink peppercorns, Nilla wafers

Turnstyle - Berliner Weisse - 4% abv

An easy-drinking Berliner Weisse, made using the traditional “no boil” German technique to enhance sour complexity; fermented in an oak foeder with a proprietary house culture. Light, fluffy and uber fun. 

Tasting notes: Kaffir lime, lemon sherbet, lemongrass, sourdough





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